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    From hip-hop, to funk, techno, tropicalia, jazz, and beyond, you’ll find it all here. We fill in the gaps that other places miss. Discover hundreds of those ‘I never knew that’ stories from our team of world-class music writers. We explore the unexplored.

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    Explore our Connections channel; Constantly evolving multimedia deep-dives showing how artists, scenes and movements are connected.

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    Wax poetics
    Niara. U.S.A.

    "Wax poetics is necessary reading for the intentional listener."

    Wax poetics
    Rafa. Madrid, Spain.

    "Wax Poetics is my main source for what I most enjoy doing: discovering new music. I love the mixes and the Re:Discovery section. Now I can't stop buying Lincoln Olivetti produced records!"

    Wax poetics
    DJ Soul Sister. New Orleans, U.S.A.

    "Wax Poetics distinguishes the music listeners from the music lovers. It has always represented the legacy of the music, through documentation, storytelling, and appreciation of the artists and participants, the process, and the music makers and music making, helping to ensure that their/our history is never mistaken or forgotten."

    Wax poetics
    Martin. Göteburg, Sweden.

    "Wax Poetics is a source of inspiration as a DJ and music lover. I get to learn so much more about my musical heroes and discover great artists with music that is new to my ears."

    Wax poetics
    Chris. Fredericksburg, VA, U.S.A.

    "It’s the best publication in music. They give a platform that allows for comprehensive stories to be written about the Black musical canon."

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